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I have a dream: A Tennis Performance Center that supports talented players for free.

I am happy to join with you today in what is called the “tennis dream”. A dream that at one day we will use our youth to demonstrate our strength as a tennis nation. A dream that at one day we will be able to nurture these tennis talents. A dream that at one day we will focus on talent and not on ranking.  



We have come to a time where we look out for no-one but ourselves, coaches that just look for the money, tennis academies that are driven by fame. This is the wrong path. Now is the time to make real the promises to help our tennis talents.

When we look around in our tennis society, we realize quickly that it is almost impossible for gifted young tennis talents to grow into  international players without the right support. 

First, because of the lack of financial resources and second, because of the lack of professional support. Many parents and coaches of tennis talents from the US share these thoughts. 

The tennis dream is to give our talents a chance to succeed. A dream that at one day a Tennis Performance Center nurtures upcoming talents. A dream that no talent will be sent away, but rather receives a chance. A dream that we focus on developing players and not on getting coaches into the news.  

A Tennis Center that is free for all, that focuses on encouraging talented, highly motivated tennis players in their athletic development and show them the way to become a tennis pro and represent the United States. A Tennis Center where kids travel as a group to national tennis tournaments, so that national rankings can be gained by the best players and not by the biggest wallet.  

A Tennis Center that focus not on age or background, but rather on individually tailored training to the child’s performance, technique, tactics and stamina.  

And when this happens, when we have reached this point, than we see clearly that what prevented us from making this dream a reality in the first place was that we spent more time looking out for ourselves and not looking out for growing tennis talents. At that point we see clearly hat we can build a stream of youth and demonstrate our strength as a tennis nation. At that point we see clearly that we are able to nurture our tennis talents. At that point we see clearly that we can focus on talent and not on ranking. 

Knowing that this dream will become reality as soon as many will share this dream. And this will be the day — this will be the day when all of our talented players will be given a chance to reach their potential — this will be the day when we create opportunities independent of “what’s in it for me”. 

Until this day let this dream be spread and inspire tennis parents throughout the US. Let a Tennis Performance Center become reality, a Tennis Performance Center where our juniors are welcome, a Tennis Performance Center that is driven by the dream to inspire many, a Tennis Performance Center that focus on the style and capability of the players, a Tennis Performance Center where the players are top priority and not to bring fame and fortune to the organization or coaches. 




2 Responses to “I have a dream: A Tennis Performance Center that supports talented players for free.”

  1. Count me in! I am so fed up with indoor tennis clubs in the North East packaging their high performance programs to uninspired juniors whose parents pay for clinics and multiple privates each week, while the kids can’t get through the first round of a tournament. While the clearly inspired and talented junior players who can not afford access to the tennis training they crave are left floundering and without the coaching support they deserve.

    I finally sent my child to Florida for 3 months of intensive tennis with a community based tennis program where they took her drive and determination seriously. I am hoping to find like minded parents to get our kids training together this summer on public courts.

  2. Tennis academies in Florida are nothing more than revenue generating enterprises, if you are talented but unable to throw in MORE money for privates, you are ignored. If there is a tue love and passion to make tennis players, academies should be less $$ centered. You can still achieve the financial rewards academies thrive for, while putting an little extra effort on developing talneted players without breaking the bank.

    Florida Academies to stay away from; Saviano tennis, Bill Clark tennis, Salomon Intl tennis, Rick Macci, Acedemie of tennis, Sanchez Casal, Saddlebrook…etc.. etc. Find a good private coach and bring in players for peer to peer match play,

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