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Never give up, Never surrender

If you visit international tennis tournaments you see players from many different countries, players that can not afford a good hotel, players with full scholarships and those of very wealthy parents. Let us look at all these players and try to identifying future champions.

This seams to fit to be true:

  1. As more hungry a player is as higher is the desire to succeed.
  2. Often parents (or the family) is the engine behind it.
  3. Champions are made not born.

 Let us go further into details. Why is it that players that grow up in countries or areas that don’t have everything often succeed? These players have learned in early ages to fight for everything and nothing is given to them, they had to earn every step of the way, they are hungry to succeed. For these players loosing is a reflection of their performance. As soon as they walk off the court and you ask them, why they lost, they have already taken the next step and know what to do in training to get better and prepared for the next time. These players can not wait to get back on the court. What is also interesting is that often you see players with a wealthy background, that don’t have this drive. They aren’t hungry, why fight for something that they already have.

To become a champion is a long road without any guarantees. However most of the time it is the dedication and sacrifice of the parents that makes a player. I have seen parents that left everything behind and moved to an other country or state. The dedication of the parents does not stop there, often parents are the main motivator for the player after a lost match. However two energies have to join forces, the hunger of the player and the willingness to work hard and the parents love and attitude to steer and enforce the player. The parents often learn how to be the best coach and encourage the player, to go to tournaments with the right attitude. It is a long road and winning today is not a recipe to win tomorrow. These parents are visualizing on building a player tomorrow and not focusing on winning a match today. The advice to parents and players “Never give up, Never surrender”.

Often in magazines we read “players are born”, because that is what people want to believe. Here is the reality, to become a champion is hard work, talent helps but it is not the ticket alone. To get up after a knock-out means that a player needs to be hungry, have the right support and the player is willing to sacrifice a “normal” life. To “Grow into a Champion” a player spends the majority of time on building tennis skills, increase athleticism and endurance.

There is a small number of players that possess all the right ingredients. These are the players that will go the distance and have a chance to rise as champions. After becoming a professional player the game will change from 80 percent hard work and 20 percent mental into 80 percent mental and 20 percent continuously hard work. At the end mental will set the champion apart from the players that know how to play tennis.

A word of caution to all tennis parents, a tennis kid is not an investment for future wealth. Reality is a player ranked 100 in the world may make $100,000 per year, the rest of the lower ranked players need to have an additional source of income to survive. Parents are often presenting their 9 to 12 year old kids and are convinced that they become the next top player in the world. Reality is that there are thousands of kids start to play tennis every day and it is estimated that 60 million people are playing tennis worldwide. So have a reality check once in a while.


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