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No ball basket on pubic courts?

Teaching your own kids for free on a public court should be your right. However the current rules are:

NO  ball basket to teach your kids on ANY public court? Is that legal?  Is it legal to bar someone From bringing Your kids and a ball basket to a public court? If you are giving your own kids lessons for free it should No problem, but why is it that public courts are trying to enforcing that rule. It looks like that they don’t care about supporting our youth, they are only protective because they care about the money.  They don’t want other tennis parents to watch a good lesson from a “regular” mom or dad, because these parents may wonder  that this is way better  than the local pro or city program.

Many cities are looking for any form of revenue and collecting fees is just one way! But it is still wrong, public courts are paid with taxpayers money and should be available to the public. The use of public courts and the “mafia” like behaviour is not even In the minds of elected officials, make enough noise and rules will be changed. A city official don’t want any publicity that states that she/he does not care about kids.

But wow the rule “NO ball basket on ANY public court” is wrong, it is wrong because it is against our thinking for freedom, it is wrong because the city or county does not support our kids to get better, it is wrong to not allow parents/kids  the use of the court so that the pro can monopolize instructions.


2 Responses to “No ball basket on pubic courts?”

  1. Reblogged this on Crazy Tennis Mom and commented:
    Make some noise tennis families!

  2. I don’t think we have that rule in Atlanta but I’m certainly going to look into it. Thanks for the heads-up!

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